Open Mouth Ring Gag

From our BDSM online stores we feature the "Open Mouth Ring Gag" which is a simple ring gag consisting of a metal o-ring, wrapped in thin leather, and a cinch strap which pulls the ring tightly into the mouth keeping it open. The straps can be adjusted to any tightness desired and are secured by looping them through two D-rings. Offered in 3 sizes, although the medium is recommend for most people. Measurements are inside diameter of gag. I don't have to suggest all the things you can do with your sub with the ring gag in their mouth but it would include deep throating, cumming and water sports to name only three.

The Open Mouth Ring Gag is available from both of our suppliers as noted below. Check them out...


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Click Here To Learn More About the "JT Stockroom Mouth Ring Gag"


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