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Body of Evidence (Updated 12/20/10)
There are a lot of things about this movie to love including a bunch of nude BDSM scenes of Madonna and a pretty decent story, great music and well, even more Madonna. Even better this is a movie that's based upon a BDSM theme which is carried out throughout the movie. Some would even argue that Madonna and BDSM go together.

This is one of our top 25 BDSM movies because when you watch it, you realize that if Stanze had a big budget and good technical crew and sophisticated equipment, people might be raving about this the same way they talked about A Clockwork Orange when it came out. As it is, he shot this on a shoestring budget with not much of a crew and at times it's ugly and the story and graphics are very unpleasant but beneath all that is a movie.

When this movie was made, Maud Adams was a famous Swedish model who several years later went on the play "Octopussy" in the James Bond film of the same name. But prior to this movie she hadn't had any mainstream movie roles in America and as it happens, she picked one that showed most of her to the camera. This is a pure damsel in distress movie with some beautiful tattooing patterns..

Straw Dogs
The scene in this movie that interests us the most is the rape of Susan George which is very intense so there although we're sure she is a "damsel in distress" which fits into the goal of our site, there are times when we're not sure who is really the victim in this classic movie. It's hard to believe this was made over 35 years ago, because it could just as easily been made today with a few changes.

The Hillside Strangler
I don't know how many movies have been made about this crime, but a bunch and this one is the latest in a long line of flicks. It's not a major Hollywood production but I think the producers and the director got the job done with a very intense movie. The eye candy of the damsels in distress is very nice and isn't it amazing how murdered women look so lifelike in movies.

Fair Game
The really powerful scene in this movie is when three guys decide to teach Cassandra Delaney a lesson in the way they hunt. First they strip her and then they tie her to the hood of their truck and then drive her around the hunting area as if she where a prized piece of game. Cassandra is gorgeous in the title role and the driving scene is one of the most erotic damsel in distress ever filmed.

The Halfway House
This script is loosely based upon a story by H.P. Lovecraft and it stars Mary Woronov (of Eating Raoul fame) and it has a lots of babes in bondage who eventually get eaten by the "one-eyed monster", so shouldn't this be a good movie? Well, Hank thought so as he ranked this as one of his top 25 movies.

Rise: Blood Hunter
This is a classic bdsm/damsel in distress movie which has a wonderful seduction scene of Cameron Richardson who has an ass to die for and ends  ups hanging upside down for the blood letting and some very erotic nude scenes of Lucy Lui in the morgue.

Nude For Satan
You will find two pages featuring stills from this movie. The first page is the 82m. version and the second page contains the explicit scenes of the other version. You can order the un-cut version from Rare Licensed DVD's which has a link on our link page or just click on their name above.

Eyes Wide Shut
1999 BDSM Movie of the Year
First impressions mean little when watching movies by Kubrick. Having said that let me say that the photography and lighting and composition is simply outstanding and I suggest that you watch this movie at least once, without sound to truly enjoy the visual feast in front of you. A BDSM thinking film.

This World, Then the Fireworks
This is a damsel in distress film for Sheryl Lee who is convincing as the female cop who is driven by her sex fantasies and is put in bondage in one scene and slapped around and dragged by her hair in another scene. So there is some B/D and S/M in this movie.

Love Camp 7
The film contains numerous scenes of women prisoners being abused, tortured and humiliated by their Nazi captors. Indeed the whole purpose of the work is to invite male viewers to relish the spectacle of naked women being humiliated for their titillation. My kind of movie...

Christina Lindberg fans can rejoice because another one of her films has been released to DVD. the story really isn't that important when you've got the beautiful Lindberg running around nude for 60% of the running time. Banned in 36 Countries, You Can See It Now Without a Single Cut.

Terrifying Girls High School
Three new students at a super-strict girl's school must face off with a repressive school administration, the sadistic, murderous student discipline brigade and corrupt politicians over the murder/suicide of one of their friends. A good Pinky Violence series.

"Q" aka Desire
Given striking immediacy by the graphic depiction of real sex, it is these stories of love and desire that form the emotional and sensual epicentre of Q. The most interesting scene is a couple who was blindfolded and coached by a women. They're playing with each other which is very hot. 

Student Services
Laura is a 19-year-old university freshman who desperately wants to do well in school. She works a part-time job but cannot make ends meet. One evening in which she is short of funds...

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