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9 Songs
This is more a documentary of people meeting at a rock concert and than them having sex between various concerts and rock performances. It's not a love story, just a slice of life film that includes explicit sex scenes. The reason we're reviewing it on this site is that it does include a very nice bondage scene where Kieran is going down on her while she's blindfolded and in restraints.

A Clockwork Orange
This movie is a classic "Damsel in Distress" because there are a bunch of rapes of innocent women in this movie. Most show a lot of nudity and most are very erotic for a voyeurisms standpoint. The hottest is of Andrienne Corri, but there are others equally erotic. This is an awesome movie by one of the best directors that ever made movies and it should be in every home library

On Consignment
This is another movie in the series of lesbian BDSM sexplotation films from Lloyd Simandl who made quite a name for himself with erotic films in America, before moving to Praque. It's my understanding, that this movie was actually directed by Daniela Krhutova and that means some changes in the story formula, most noticeably, more lesbian BDSM action which I doubt anyone would complain about.

On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this about a six which means it's definitely worth watching and if you don't mind the BDSM people looking sick and fucked up, or you're really into Barkin and Wilson, this is a good movie to have in your library.  If you can't get past all of that, then it's still worth a weekend rent. Either way you should see it. 

The Collector
This was quite a daring mainstream movie when it was released in 1965. It was the first major movie I ever saw that showed kidnapping of a beautiful woman as sensual and seductive and I think I walked out of the theater with a good boner which was how I judged a movie in my youth. Anyway, this is an excellent movie that holds up well today.

Strip Search
2004 Cable BDSM Movie of the Year
Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the American "damsel in distress" who is stripped and interrogated in a foreign country and she is superb. There's no question she does career full frontal and rear nudity in well lit scenes and that alone makes this very, very collectable. This movie was made and released on HBO shortly after 9/11 and for some reason it was pulled from their schedule shortly thereafter.

I Spit On Your Grave
1978 BDSM Movie of the Year
This is a delicious movie and certainly one of my top 25 BDSM movie and our 1978 BDSM movie of the year. Camille Keaton (grand-daughter of Buster Keaton) was wonderfully cast in the title role of the damsel in distress. She is innocent looking and the director showed her naked body from every angle both being raped and in her revenge work.

1999 Foreign BDSM Movie of the Year
Probably the sexiest movie made that year and certainly one of my top 25 BDSM movies. This movie is about pushing boundaries in a relationship and in censorship in the French cinema.  Caroline Ducey is wonderful as the

1981 Foreign BDSM Movie of the Year
Welcome to “White Hacienda - Detainment camp for delinquent women”. Or rather anyone caught trespassing nearby as our newlywed couple discover. He’s set free, but she (a Parisian model no less) is sentenced to topless hard labor and sappho interludes.

Hunting Season
When two campers on a peaceful weekend excursion are suddenly confronted, harassed, and molested by a pack of heavily armed outdoorsman, a brutal series of events ensues. A struggle for survival and sanity drives the surviving victim into a bloody vendetta of rage. The hunters become the hunted in a malicious game of cat and mouse.

Dressed To Kill
This is a really well done "damsel in distress" movie because it stars two well known and beautiful women who are both in distress. I'm going to devote two pages to this movie with Nancy being featured on page one and Angie being featured on page two.

Werewolf in a Woman's Prison    
The good part of this movie is beautiful damsel in distress women who suffers all kind of bad moments including some lesbian encounters, nudity, bondage and some bloody effects. What's not to like?

Barbara Broadcast
This movie is a classic golden age porn movie but really interests us is the scene between Constance Money and Jamie Gillis where she is tied up and he plays with her. A hot BDSM scene from a classic movie.

Women In Cages
This video will stand as one of the classic cult 70's women-in-prison exploitation films. First off, the film is just flat-out fantasy fun, made in a time of American cinema history when gals were all-natural and good sports and the warden was Pam Grier which makes any movie worth watching.

This is a really interesting story. It was fascinating that Christina Ricci doesn't believe her death and finally accepted her death. But Liam Neeson is perfect as the funeral director who does the power direction exchange without he touching her. Ricci is quite nude in some of the scenes and she is gorgeous.

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