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This is a film that takes place in reverse order, hence the title "Irreversible". Although the title implies a double meaning and it does since what happens is not reversible regardless of the content of which the film is made. This film actually contained some explicit sex scenes but the main reason this film was so controversial had to do with the assault and murder of Monica Bellucci in the film.

2002 BDSM Movie of the Year
One of the top ten BDSM movies of all time, this is a classic story of a woman looking for someone who understands what she needs which is a firm hand and finding someone who wants his firm hand. It's also a love story and it won numerous awards for Maggie Gyllanhaal and it established her as a major star in Hollywood. I absolutely recommend this movie for every home BDSM library. (UPDATED 8/18/09)

Possibly the most brutal film ever made, Chaos is a cautionary tale of two teens who throw themselves into harms way. Two girls, looking to score some ecstasy at a rave, follow a young man to a house where terror awaits. There a gang of felons capture and torment the girls drawing them into a nightmare of violence. This is not a movie for the faint of heart so please use caution.

Innocent Blood
A vampire teamed up with an undercover cop in an attempt to stop her victims from proliferating throughout the Pittsburgh underworld. This is one of those rare films where the monster (vampire Anne Paillaud) is also the victim and if you like "tongue in cheek" horror/comedy films, you'll love this one. Loggia is outstanding as the gangster that becomes a vampire.

Under Lock and Key
Like every good women-in-prison film, most of the cast here are women. This one is particularly good as they seem to get naked at the slightest provocation: sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes when the prison doctor says, "Please get undressed." Thank you. The eye candy is very nice and if you're into naked women being mistreated in prison, you'll enjoy this movie.

Blue Velvet
1986 BDSM Movie of the Year
Isabella Rosellini steals this movie as the lounge singer who like to be treated roughly during sex. Isabella left nothing to the imagination in terms of nudity doing full frontal several times and clearly has the best BDSM line in the movie when she begs saying "hit me" as a form of foreplay before sex.

This week (July 28, 2008) they had a spanking scene with Parker which was very nicely done. She really did get some hard wacks and although there was no nudity in that scene, she did take a good look at her bare ass in a mirror a few minutes later. Mary Louise Parker is one of those actresses that have a very shapely ass and she seldom shows it on screen, so enjoy this..

Foxy Brown
This movie was part of the black exploitation movies of the 70's and there was nobody to be exploited better than Pam Grier who was a stunning woman even to this day. This is a damsel in distress film with some bondage which is primarily Pam being tied up wrists and ankles to a bed frame

Bloodsucking Freaks
Top 25 Movie List
 This is a s&m classic! It is one of Hank's top 25 movies and it's earned it's place in the industry. This is quite simply, one the sickest movies made in the wild 70's. Tons of naked woman, torture everywhere, sadistic pleasures, human cannibals, naked asses being used as dart boards, brain slurping, whipping, spanking,  be-heading, you name it, this movie as it.

The Devil's Advocate
This is a good example of a major production with name stars entering into a devil worship story. It works very well because the casting is excellent. Both the attorney and his wife - Charlize Theron - are at risk and so this ends up being a damsel in distress as his wife fights the take over of her body by the devil. Charlize never looked better as the DID.

Because of the Cats
This movie was made in the seventies and it has the look of a movie made during the 70's. Nudity and style abound and actually this is a pretty good movie which is about young people gone bad doing gang rapes. If you're into the rape fantasy, this is one movie you should have in your library.

The Wicked Lady
This is actually a very good cast in a cheesy movie. But if you just concentrate on the main women in movie - Faye Dunaway is gorgeous and is excellent as Barbara, Clynis Barber has a beautiful body and shows it in this film and Marina Sirtis has one of the best whipping scenes ever put on film

The Girl Next Door
The story revolves around two girls who have recently been orphaned and are sent to live with their aunt who has three young sons. She is a middle aged woman obsessed with feminine purity who sees the new arrivals as a potentially corrupting influence on the masculine world she presides over.

The Killer Inside Me
The Killer Inside Me is tough. Directed by Michael Winterbottom, the film gives the audience an experience that is hard to describe. If you have heard anything about the film so far, it most likely concerns the graphic violence that is depicted against women, and it is graphic

Caged Heat II
The high point in this movie is reached when Jewel Sheppard is flogged for attacking one of the guards. She receives over twenty lashes and looks  in pain as the ordeal proceeds, watched with gleeful satisfaction by one of the other convicts with whom the heroine has already had a few spats.

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