Bully Nipple Clamps

From our JT Stockroom Online BDSM store we feature the versatile "Bully Nipple Clamps" which is something that I've been using on my models for over 10 years. In fact, for many models, this is their favorite set of nipple clips. Why? Because they are adjustable and have a soft rubber end and will fit on just about any nipple - no matter how small or how large. The snugness of the fit is determined by tightening or loosening the 7/8 adjustment screw. Additional weights, leads, or leashes can be attached to the dangling rings which come in the Stockroom version. The adjustability of the clamps also allows for use on the clitoris or to spread pussy lips as you can see below and they are VERY reasonably priced at JT Stockroom.

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