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Exit to Eden by Anne Rice (as Anne Rampling)

This is a hard book to review because many people will expect this to be a sequel of sorts to Sleeping Beauty. But it's not in any way. Sleeping Beauty was more of a mediaeval story whereas this book is a modern day story.  Yes it deals with S&M and slaves and masters but that's where the comparisons end. In this book, the slave/hero is male instead of female and it ends up being a love story more than a story of sex and torment. Many people who read Sleeping Beauty read this also and some where disappointed and deservedly so if you were in the sequel mood. But I think many people missed the point of this book because while Sleeping Beauty was a turn on for male masters, this book is a turn on for female masters - fem-doms in other words. But more than that, if you're a male and have s/m fantasies, get your girlfriend to read this book. This is a book that will appeal to women and will get their imaginations going so if you want your wife or girlfriend to bring it to you, this is the book to leave laying around the house for her to read. In many ways, this book is two stories. The first is the story of Elliott who has a male master and fears having a fem-dom in his life and Lisa who runs the island S&M retreat and who falls in love with Elliott.
Many readers will remember that this book was made into a movie by the same title. The Hollywood version was terrible in that although Lisa and Elliott did establish the first half of the story, the second half was garbage with Rose O'Donnell. Of course, they couldn't or wouldn't show the extent of the nudity described in he book or the sex games that went on at "The Club" but the first half of the movie did give you a flavor for the book.  Actually Dana Delany was perfectly cast in this movie as Lisa and they even had some of the famous butter/cinnamon on her nipple scene in the movie, but my advise is that given the choice of seeing the movie or reading the book, take the book. Available from Amazon shown at left at a reasonable price.. 

 (Sample from Exit To Eden)

I took the soft butter on my fingers again, and I went into her with it, rubbing it into her pubic hair and into the lips of her vagina. I rubbed the cinnamon on her, into her clitoris as she spread her legs, all the resistance utterly gone out of her.

"Do it, do it..." she whispered or at least the words sounded like that.

I was so hot now I didn't think I could stretch it out much longer. I pushed my face into her, covering myself with her scent, her clean scent and the scent of the butter and the cinnamon.

I started licking up under the clitoris, opening her with my tongue, scraping upwards, and then closing my mouth on her completely, closing it over her lips, and then sucking on her.

She was flung out as if she were bound that way and couldn't lift her arms or her hands, or struggle to close her legs. She was mine completely. She writhed under it, lifted her hips, but she didn't resist. She belonged to me. I ate out the butter, ate the cinnamon, tasted that crazy aphrodisiac, the spice and her charcoal fluids and the heat of her. It sounded like she was crying. She struggled, she said she was going to come.

I climbed on top of her, and when my cock went in she was so tight, so hot I exploded in her. She was coming and coming, as I came, her face scarlet, the blindfold of white cotton glowing in the dark, her lips shuddering some little curse or prayer coming out of her with the word God.

I said, "Say my  name, Lisa."

"Elliott," she said. She said it again. Her sex was locked to me, shuddering like her mouth as I lay still inside of her.

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