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The Sleeping Beauty Novels

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment & Beauty's Release

It's hard to know where to begin with the Sleeping Beauty Novels except to say, this may very well be the finest erotic S&M novels ever written. Certainly the finest ever written in the United States. The Sleeping Beauty Novels comprise of three separate books that tell the story of Princess Beauty who is awaken after many years of dark magic by a noble prince who takes her back to the kingdom as his sex slave. This is her story as she awakens and discovers the humiliation and pride of being his prize, learns how to be a good slave, finds that punishment turns her on and does all sorts of things to be punished and made love to. The kingdom where she is taken has both princesses and princes as slaves to the Queen and they are from all over her kingdom. When they are brought to the castle, they spend several years as slaves and then are returned to their homes better off for the experience.. I don't know that there is any type of BDSM that is not covered in this book on Beauty. In fact, the novels are erotic for all BDSM readers because both women and men are treated equal in these books and both suffer the same indignations, humiliation, triumphs, loves, passion, punishment, sex (oral, anal, normal, whatever),  perversions, gang bangs, pony girls and boys and everything else that I forgot not only with their masters but also with each other. If you can't be turned on by these novels, you have no BDSM fantasies or lifestyle. The books are available in paperback individually or as a set of three as I purchased mine from Amazon. The book were written by Anne Rice (the author of many bestselling books including Exit To Eden) under the name of   A. N. Roquelaure. And while she writes this from the standpoint of Beauty so you're reading about a woman's feelings and passion, there are times when she changes to the viewpoint of the male slaves also. I absolutely love every word she has written in these novels and I implore you to make these classic BDSM books part of your library. .

(Sample from The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty)
An Erotic Novel of Tenderness and Cruelty for the Enjoyment of Men and Women

She was awakened now, at the foot of his bed, by his low but firm command.

"Come here, my darling." He motioned for her to kneel before him.

"This shirt is to be opened down the front, and you will learn to do so with your lips and teeth, and I will be patient with you," he said.

She had thought it would be the paddle. And, very relieved, she went almost too quickly to obey, pulling the thick tie that closed the shirt at his throat. His flesh felt warm and smooth to her. Men's flesh. So different, she thought. And she quickly pulled loose the second tie and the third. She had to struggle with the fourth which was at his waist, but he didn't move and then when she was finished, she lowered her head, her hands as before on the back of her neck and waited.

"Open my breeches," he said to her.

Her cheeks flamed; she could feel it. But again she didn't hesitate. She pulled the fabric forward over the hook until the hook slipped out and lit it go. And now she could see his sex, bulging there, painfully twisted. She wanted suddenly to kiss it, but she didn't dare and was shocked at her impulse.

He had lifted it free. It was hard. She thought of it between her legs, filling her, and too big for her virginal opening, and of that terrible pleasure which had suffused her and wasted her the night before, and she knew she was blushing furiously.

"Now go to the stand in the corner," he said, "and bring back the basin with water in it."

She almost scurried across the floor. Several times at the Inn he had told her to move fast, and though she had hated it at first, she now did it instinctively. She brought the basin in both hands and set it down. There was a cloth in the water.

"Wring out the cloth tightly," he said, "and bathe me quickly."

She did as she was told at once, staring in amazement at his sex, its length, its hardness, and the tip of it with its tiny opening. She had been so sore from it yesterday, yet that pleasure had paralyzed her. Never had she guessed at such a secret.

"Now, do you know what I want of you?" the Prince said gently. His hand lovingly stroked her cheek, lifting her hair back. She ached to look at him. She wished so much he would command her to look into his eyes. It terrified her, but after the first instant it was so wondrous to her, his expression, that handsome and almost delicate face, and those black eyes that seemed to accept no compromise.

"No, my Prince, but whatever it is..." she started.

"Yes, are being very good. I want you to take it in your mouth, stroke it with your tongue and your lips."

She was shocked. She had never thought of this. She thought suddenly, cruelly of who she had been, a Princess, and she thought of all her young life before she had fallen asleep, and she almost gave a little whimper. But this was her Prince who was commanding her, not some dreadful person she was being given to as a wife who might have demanded this of her. She closed her eyes and took it into her mouth, feeling its huge size, its hardness.

It nudged at the back of her throat, and she pushed up and down on it as the Price guided her.

The taste of it was almost delicious; and it seemed a salty liquid in tiny droplets came out into her mouth, and then she stopped because he had said it was enough.

She opened her eyes.

"Very good, Beauty, very good," said the Prince.

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