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The Sleeping Beauty Novels
It's hard to know where to begin with the Sleeping Beauty Novels except to say, this may very well be the finest erotic S&M novels ever written. Certainly the finest ever written in the United States. The Sleeping Beauty Novels comprise of three separate books that tell the story of Princess Beauty who is awaken after many years of dark magic by a noble prince who takes her back to the kingdom as his sex slave. This is her story as she awakens and discovers the humiliation and pride of being his prize, learns how to be a good slave, finds that punishment turns her on and does all sorts of things to be punished and made love to.


Exit to Eden
This is a hard book to review because many people will expect this to be a sequel of sorts to Sleeping Beauty. But it's not in any way. Sleeping Beauty was more of a mediaeval story whereas this book is a modern day story.  Yes it deals with S&M and slaves and masters but that's where the comparisons end. In this book, the slave/hero is male instead of female and it ends up being a love story more than a story of sex and torment. Many people who read Sleeping Beauty read this also and some where disappointed and deservedly so if you were in the sequel mood. But I think many people missed the point of this book because while Sleeping Beauty was a turn on for male masters, this book is a turn on for female masters - fem-doms in other words.


Carrie's Story
Readers of this review will notice that Carrie’s Story is ranked number two on our list of top twelve BDSM books.  It absolutely deserves the honor. This is a wonderfully written book about a female slave and her journey from college student to becoming a slave to eventually being sold at a slave auction to the highest bidder. This modern day story is written with humor and honestly and although it’s written by a female author – Molly Weatherfield,  it’s a book that can be enjoyed by both sexes.


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