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Everybody asks "where do we get all the hot BDSM equipment that we use on our photos?" and the answer is that we have several specialty BDSM stores - "JT Stockroom" and "eXtreme Restraints"  - both of which have an online catalog of some of the greatest BDSM equipment you'll find anywhere. Below are some pages you can visit to see how we use some of their equipment on our site and below that is their banner so you can visit the online BDSM stores and see for yourself all the great equipment they have. This equipment puts the MASTER back in the master/slave relationship. Click on any of the photos to see the page featuring that product. Or posing for these photos.

Steel Nose Hook Bully Clamps Steel Anal Hook
Spring Loaded Mouth Gag Easy Access Spreader Bar Japanese Clover Clips
Black Spandex Hood Giant Inflatable Dildo Open Mouth Ring Gag
Nylon Two Strap Blindfold Tweezer Nipple Clips 3 Ring Locking Collar
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BDSM Equipment

BDSM Equipment Store